I'm 25-year-old professional photographer and visual artist from
Helsinki, Finland.

I started photography as a hobby around 2005. After grammar
school I studied at Helsinki City College of Audiovisual
Communications as a photography major. In 2011, I was an
assistant for fashion photographer Kira Gluschkoff.
I graduated in 2012 and since then I've been working as a freelance photographer

and launched Emmi Kähkönen Photography two years later.

I really enjoy equine photography, documentary photography
and portraits. From 2013 through 2017 I worked as a head photographer
of popular social media content for Ystäväni Hevonen (YLE, Finnish
Broadcasting Company). I also do social media publishing for events
and festivals (Ylläs Jazz Blues 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, Ylläs Soikoon 2016, 2017).
I've planned and photographed commercials for UFF second hand stores since 2013.
I also love photographing weddings. 


From September to December 2017 I lived in Finnish Lapland where I was working
with Harriniva Hotels. I was complining a book about the Pietikäinen family which includes
both portraits and interviews of family members. 
I've been teaching photography and
photo retouching courses 
at Vantaa Adult School since 2014. I've also been teaching photo
(Abode Photoshop, Abode Lightroom) at Lahti Adult Education. 

In my art I discuss the interaction between man and animal. 
I believe in the power of being present. Photographing is presence for me.
Fleeting moments seem rich in colour to me. The most beautiful moments are
bathed in light. 

I'm working in Helsinki and in New York area. If you are interested in
working with me please don't hesitate to get in touch. 



+358 400 399 366


Hermés, YLE (Summeri, Ystäväni Hevonen),
UFF Finland (advertising photos 2013-), Sony Music, Kaiku Records, Kopparberg,
Harriniva Hotels & Safaris, Forever kuntoklubi, Espoon Musiikkiopisto, TitiMadam,
Duodecim magazine, Veljekset Laakkonen OY, Otavamedia OY, Newsec, Lapland Hotels,
Ylläs Soikoon, Måndag, Tuloskiinteistöt, Huom!, 
Optimikodit OY, Yogastudio Padma, LR Tattoo & Alliance,
Restaurant Grön, Luonnonvarakeskus, Hävikkiruokaravintola Loop, Flowa,
Avainasema, Eettisen Kaupan Puolesta and many more..

Emmi Kähkönen Tmi Y-26727013

FB: Emmi Kähkönen Photography
IG: emmi.kahkonen & ystavanihevonen.photography


Ystäväni Hevonen

"Emmi Kähkönen’s  (born 1992) horse photography exhibition is a display of photographs taken over five years between 2013 and 2017. Kähkönen photographed horses in natural light, fleeting moments, and situations. Trust is reflected in images that contain human and animal encounters. Emmi Kähkönen's horse photographs have been an important part of YLE's Ystäväni hevonen series published in 2013-2017. YLE is the Finnish national media channel. The horse is a wonderful animal that
combines strength and sensitivity. It beauty speaks, its presence comforts, and its power moves. I respect the stature of the horse, and I let the horse be present as a free animal. I have been living a love story with horses almost my whole life. Their uniqueness and sensitivity has taught me to see the beauty of the world. Ystäväni hevonen is a love story of the world's most beautiful animal in the most beautiful moment: here and now. "

Solo Exhibition:
Gallery Kellokas (Äkäslompolo, Finland) June-July 2018 COMING
GoExpo (Messukeskus, Helsinki) 2.3-4.4.2018
Papu Gallery (Mariankatu 24, Helsinki) from 2.1-2.2.2018

Joint exhibition:
Gallery Kuja (Lapinlahti, Helsinki) 1.12.2017-31.1.2018
Gallery Kolmas kerros (Helsinki) May-June 2012

Kallio magazine
Interview at Yle
Tips to Photographers, Yle
Interview at Amis Magazine
Interview at Enra Magazine
Interview at Kuukkeli Magazine
Yle Areena, Kaverille Kans
Social Networks & Music Industry

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